At Vosfox medical, we have several development projects running. One of these projects, is a cool project on solvent-cast 3Dprinting, also called Solvent-cast additive manufacturing (SAM). In this project, we are remodelling an FDM printer. Other projects are building a filament extrusion line, for medical grade filaments.

SAM is a 3D printing technique that prints polymers from a solution. In this project we have rebuild an Creality Ender 3 V2 printer, to make it suitable for solution printing. We adjusted the printer, by printing an holder for the syringe and make adjustments to the motor.

We completed the first part of this SAM project. Second part of the project is printing with an alginate solution, as described in the literature to test the printer. Third part of the project is printing with a polymer solution in a solvent.

Remodeling printer

Left is original FDM printer and at the right is the remodelled printer.

About Vosfox Medical

Welcome to Vosfox Medical, a contract manufacturing organisation. We specialise in small-scale production services for the medical device market. Are you a small to medium-sized organisation, and you have difficulties finding a company that makes your medical device (part)? Check with Vosfox Medical if we can assist you. We are a small and very flexible company focused on low volume production. What low volume means depends on many things, but it could mean 10, 1000 or 10.000 pieces. When it is possible to make it, we will make it.

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