Vosfox Medical is a contract manufacturer specialising in low-volume production of medical devices and components. We serve different types of customers and markets. Something for you?

Medical Devices

Companies that develop medical devices are more than welcome. For these customers, we guide you on the road from lab samples to medical devices. First, the required development steps are reviewed if it applies to you. We will only perform the steps that you want us to perform.

Secondly, the validation steps are reviewed to see what is applicable. This leads us to a plan to bring your product to market (or clinical evaluation). We can manufacture your product with our available technologies or a new technology you introduce to us.

Development Validation Technologies


We can be your partner if you need a CMO to produce a limited number of components or parts (low-volume production). We understand you want your start-up cost to be low but have good-quality components.

The start-up cost for high-volume production is high (from a few 100k to2-3 million euros). The mould is expensive, the production time is long, and the validation is also expensive. Very well worth it if you need a few hundred thousand parts. You may want another solution if you only need a few 100 or a few 1000 parts. We offer low-volume injection moulding for smaller parts for competitive pricing. Another solution is 3D printing. The best choice depends on quantity, material requirements, dimensions, accuracy etc.

We are focused on keeping the process-validation costs low.

Injection molding 3D printing


We can produce your own-designed consumables for your unique process. Single or limited used components used in your production process. for example, reactors, mixing barrels etc. Because we produce inside the Cleanroom, our 3D printed parts have a low bioburden, preventing interference with, e.g., DNA. We can package the products in sterile barrier pouches or blisters.

Facilities Contract Manufacture


Do you need a small volume of application devices or tools? Vosfox Medical is ISO13485 certified and can produce these devices in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom. We can also pack and assemble these applicators or devices for clinical evaluations.  We are currently not yet GMP accredited or have a GMP cleanroom.

QA Facilities


We can also produce devices or components that are for the veterinair market. We will provide you with good quality products and together we will make a plan on how to get there. A minimum level of process validation is required due to our quality system, but we can discuss which validations are needed and to which level. 

We have experience with producing implants for the veterinary market.

Manufacturing Technologies