Vosfox Medical is specialised in polymer based medical devices. The technologies that we either have or intend to have, are all available to our customers. You can also contact us for technologies that although they are not listed here, we still can do. An example is powder dispersing technology that we did for one of our customers, therefore ask us what is possible and you will be surprised.


Medical 3D printing

If the device or component is based on plastic we can do it. Currently we have FDM and SLA and we will add high temperature FDM and solvent cast 3D printing.

compression molding

Some materials, like thermoset plastics, cannot be extruded while another reason may be that extrusion or injection moulding is not an efficient method. Compression molding might be the answer.


With our extruder we can make medical grade 3D filaments, but with changing dies we could also extrude other shapes, for example small tubing/pipes or fibres.

Injection molding

In injection moulding we are focussing on low volume production. You need 10 pieces, 50 pieces 1000 pieces? All possible, while compliant with quality and regulatory requirements.

Let’s build something great together.