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Welcome! Vosfox Medical, a contract manufacturing organization, specialises small-scale / low-volume production services for the medical device market. We are a small and very flexible company, providing all the required guidance for clinical-trial production and regular production.


Our customers and intended customers are often smaller companies, developing a product for the medical device market. Vosfox Medical is building capabilities in different types of technologies so to serve our customers, who have a need for low volume production. We are specialised in polymer based materials, although we are open to other materials such as ceramics or composites. We have the following technologies available, are working on, or we are considering.

  • 3D medical printing
    • FDM
    • High-temperature FDM (eg. PEEK)
    • SLA
    • Solvent casting 3D
  • Medical grade filament extrusion
  • Low volume injection molded parts
  • Micro-molding
  • Compression-molded parts
  • Powder dispersion

Customers may choose to use our equipment or place their own dedicated equipment in our facilities. You can find here more information on our technologies.


Vosfox Medical has an ISO Class 7 cleanroom but also production facilities outside the cleanroom (clean but uncontrolled space).

We have experience with Class III medical device (implants) and although our facilities are small, we are fully complying regulations.

For less critical devices or components (eg. Class I), we limit our validation activities to increase speed and limit costs, while we of course conform to our quality system. You can find more information about our contract manufacturing here.


Vosfox Medical finds quality one of the more important cornerstones of the company. We don’t just pass ISO13486 certification, we truly embrace it. In fact, we embrace the good elements of our QMS system, notwithstanding an effective implementation. We support our customers with packaging design and validation, sterilization validation and of course we will perform all required process and test method validations.

You can find more information on quality here.