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Welcome to Vosfox Medical, a contract manufacturing organisation. We are specialised in small-scale production services for the medical device market. Are you a small to medium-sized organisation, and you have difficulties finding a company that makes your medical device (part)? Check with Vosfox Medical if we can assist you. We are a small and very flexible company focused on low volume production. What low volume means depends on many things, but it could mean 10, 1000 or 10.000 pieces. When it is possible to make it, we will make it.

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Contract Manufacturing

Vosfox Medical is centrally located in the Netherlands, Amersfoort. Our facilities are small, but it entails an ISO Class 7 cleanroom, production area, warehouse and offices.
We have experience with medical devices up to Class III and comply with the regulations. The required validation activities are risk-based to not over-validate the processes to increase speed to market and reduce costs. You can find more information about our contract manufacturing here.

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Our Services

We provide several services to customers, whether or not you are a contract manufacturing customer. You can obtain support, or we can fully execute the services for you. Firstly we offer process development, packaging development services. Secondly, we offer services to validate several processes such as production, sterilisation, packaging). Finally, we also offer Quality Assurance as a service. This last service could be organising sterilisation validation documentation and procedures. You decide the level of involvement.

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Our customers are often smaller companies that are developing a product for the medical device market. Vosfox Medical is building capabilities in different technologies to serve our customers, who need low volume production. Our speciality is polymer-based materials, although we are open to other materials such as ceramics or composites.
Customers may choose to use our equipment or place their dedicated equipment in our facilities. You can find here more information about our technologies.

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Vosfox Medical regularly post updates on cool projects, new technologies, which expositions or symposia we visit, knowledge-based information. In short: all information we think you might like. Check our posts.

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Privacy Policy

At Vosfox Medical, we have a privacy policy defined for all information that we collect. This could be (potential) customer information, supplier information, employees, interns, or applicants’ personal data. It is our policy NOT to receive patient data, so please do not send this to us. Please read our policy or contact us.

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Vosfox Medical & Quality

Vosfox Medical finds quality one of the more essential cornerstones of the company. We don’t just pass ISO13486 certification; we genuinely embrace it. Vosfox welcomes the necessary elements and focuses on practical implementation. We support our customers with packaging design and validation. Additionally, we can support sterilisation validation while performing all the regulatory-required process and test method validations.