Vosfox Medical has, jointly with Noviotissue, and IamFluidics BV applied for an MIT-R&D grand. If we get this grant, it will allow us to play our part in this consortium to develop human tissue-based bone reconstruction transplants (NovioBone). Vosfox Medical will use 3D printing to make transplants with standard sizes and patient-specific. The bio-ink is based on human tissue, developed by Noviotissue, filled with monodisperse microparticles of biopolymers, developed by Iamfluidics. The human tissue reduces the change of rejection by the body, and the nanoparticles ensure increased ingrowth of cells and improved vascularization. The 3D printing process takes care of optimum morphology/porosity.
This bone graft will be effective and affordable for a larger group of patients than current solutions
Fingers crossed, we can work on this promising innovation. #bonescaffold #humantissue #researchgrants

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