Vosfox Medical is a contract manufacturing with a focus on 3d printing. We are your partner in the production of your 3D prints that need to be done under GMP / ISO 13485 in our outside an ISO Class 7cleanroom.

For who?

Our customers want to print their medical devices in a controlled environment and under a quality system.

Our customers could be

  • medical device companies
  • Universities working towards clinical validation of their invention
  • Surgeons
  • hospital technicians
What do we offer?

Currently, we have a few printers available for our customers, but more different printers will come. However, it is also possible to place your own equipment in our facility. We will take care of the validation of the printer and the process and print on your order.

We have the following facilities and capabilities available:

  • FDM printer (Ultimaker 2+)
  • SLA printer (Form 2)
  • SLA-LED printer (Slash)
  • Your printer in our cleanroom
  • Curing oven for a broad spectrum of light.
  • Cleanroom Class 7
  • Working according to ISO 13485 and cGMP
  • Post printing activities (washing, curing, smoothing, packaging
  • Validation of the printing process
  • Product and Production Development towards clinical trials and commercial production.
  • Support in testing and sterilization services

we can produce for you any medical device that can be produced by our or your technology such as the well-known models, surgical guides, Implants or your medical device invention.

Please contact us for more information.