Contract Manufacturing

Vosfox Medical is a small contract manufacturing organization (CMO). Our core values are Quality, Flexibility, and Respect. We provide our customers with the best quality service, we can deliver. Vosfox Medical is nearly ISO 13485 certified, and with the CEO also being the QA manager, it is ensured that quality is fully embedded in the company’s core of our company. Delivering our promises to customers on time is as important as the quality of it. See our customer’s recommendation about their opinion of us.
Our facilities and team are very flexible. When we can implement the change or request, we will implement it.
Respect is our third core value. Respect for human beings and respect for our world. Firstly, a diverse team is one driver with a good mix of male/female, cultural or religious background, sexual preferences, or age. We believe that a truly diverse team, respecting each other, adds value to us a people and to our customers. Secondly, respect for the earth and its inhabitants. We do this by reducing our electricity consumption and waste. If we can’t avoid waste, we will try to separate it for maximum recycling.



Vosfox Medical has its facilities in the centre of the Netherlands, Amersfoort. A module based cleanroom, allowing for quick expansion or re-devising it in sub areas is present. The cleanroom is ISO class 7 validated, which is usually sufficient for our contract manufacturing customers with ClassIII medical devices. Further we have a clean, not controlled production area, storage space and office spaces (also for rent). We can order all the materials for you and do supplier monitoring.

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Vosfox Medical is specialised in polymer based medical devices. The technologies that we either have or intend to have, are all available to our customers and described in more details here. You can also contact us for technologies that although they are not listed here. If we can learn it, we will provide the contract manufacturing service. An example is powder dispersing technology that we did for one of our customers, therefore ask us what is possible and you will be surprised. Read more….

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We can assemble your medical devices or parts. This can be non-electrical and electrical assembly.

Our non-electrical medical device assembly services are:

  • Assembly filter packages
  • Spot-welding
  • Labeling
  • Bonding
  • Crimping
  • Functional testing

We can assemble your electrical devices following IEC 60601 (Medical Electrical Equipment

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Packaging and labeling

We can package your medical device after production. We have a medical sealer in-house for sealing pouches. In the near future we will be able to make low volume blisters in your desired shape and seal them .

We can package inside and outside the cleanroom, depending on the cleanliness requirements of your device.

Further we can package in boxes, shippers and pallets. If required, we can add silicone bags, shock detection labels, temperature labels, ETO, gamma, or beta dots.

Vosfox Medical will label your products, blisters, pouches, boxes, shippers with the labels and information you require. We posess a transfer-label printer and we purchase our labels from a partnering company, specialised in pharma and medical device labeling. This will ensure good quality labels.

We can organize the printing of your instruction for use and add it to the product boxes.

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Sterilization and transportation

We can organize the sterilization activities for you.

-sending products to the validated sterilization organisation.

release products after sterilization

organize transportation from sterilization organisation to any location you require.

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Vosfox medical is nearly ISO 13485 certified. All processes in our contract manufacturing will be validated. Please read our article on validation in general or validation of 3D printing specifically. We also offer Quality as a service. For more information on our quality policy and core values, please read our quality page.