VOSFOX MEDICAL is a Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) offering its clients flexibility in production and production development. Vosfox Medical provides its customers the services it needs.

Are you developing a device, which is ready for clinical trials production, than we are the partner for you. Please continue reading at Production Development Services.

Are you looking for a contract manufacturer that takes care of your regular production, is flexible, where you can do trials and you can access your production equipment at any time, please continue reading at Regular Contract Manufacturing Services

Production Development Services

Are you a (start-up) company that is working towards the clinical trial and you need products developed under ISO 13485? You don’t want to outsource it completely but you can definitely need help and you need facilities. ¬†purchase the services you want and don’t purchase what you can or want to do yourself.

For who?

  • Start-up companies that are located inside the university structure
  • Companies that do not have the required facilities
  • Companies that do not want to give production completely out of hand, but don’t want to do everything themselves either

Services we offer

  • Production development space (outside or inside a cleanroom)
  • ISO Class 7 Cleanroom
  • Product or Process development support
  • Place your equipment in our facility
  • Rent the equipment we have an purchase consumables you want to use
  • Production
    • Jointly with you or for you
    • Samples or final products
  • Production for clinical trial
  • QA support
    • Process / packaging / sterilisation validation
    • work instructions
    • R&D forms or batch records
    • QA training
    • Audits
    • Also possible for non-production processes
  • Packaging and logistics
  • Sterilisation support
  • Flex- office space and services for when you are on-site

Regular Contract Manufacturing Services

We can do your regular contract manufacturing like any CMO. However if you were already a customer of us during process development, we have probably learned jointly with you about the do’s and don’ts of the process.

Further if you want to do experiments on production equipment, you are more than welcome.


Please contact us for more information.