A customer of Vosfox Medical asked if we could make the SLA printed surface smoother. There are several options you could consider, and currently, we are testing to coat the surface with resin and cure it. That is a messy business—resin on your gloves, table, and curing box. Initially, the coating seemed not to cure, as it kept being sticky. But after washing it in IPA, it appeared that the samples were coated. Unexpectedly we saw shiny, smooth surfaces. So resin did cure, but not entirely. One sample was better than the other, but that is development  🙂 The next step is to optimize the formulation, washing-curing sequence and application method, which I will describe in the next post.


This is the first post about our daily #developmentchallenges and #productionchallenges at Vosfox Medical. Please visit vosfoxmedical.com for more information on what we do.

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