Part 2 of the #developmentchallenges.
After the last post, where I described the challenge of smoothing 3D-printed surfaces using resin, Jim Hoeben gave me a great tip. Cure the samples in a nitrogen atmosphere. Thank you, Jim! 🙂 We searched the literature, and they confirmed this.

We designed several texts and compared samples packaged in a PE/PA pouch filled with nitrogen with samples cured in air. The curing efficiency increased, resulting in thicker coating layers. According to the literature, the degradation of the material would also decrease, resulting in less discolouration. We did not find this effect with the resins we used. Isn’t it great to have this global network? #helpingothers


This is a post in a series about our daily #developmentchallenges and #productionchallenges at Vosfox Medical. We perform process development, validations and regular production of medical devices for our customers. Our speciality is low-volume production such as Medical 3D printing. Please visit for more information.

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