Raising capital

Vosfox Medial has contacted many people out of Sandra de Vos’ network for raising capital for the start up. 25.000 has been pledged up to now.

A post at LinkedIn was placed stating that I am starting up a company (CMO in 3d printing and that everybody interested in this topic and investing could contact Sandra at This post was seen by 4,692 people up to the moment of posting this blog. Several have already contacted me by mail.

I am sure we are going to raise sufficient money soon to invest in a cleanroom and rent space. Exiting!!



Interesting 3d medical conference

Vosfox Medical had a stand at the Expo of 3d Medical printing. The conference was visited by many interesting people with different backgrounds, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, surgeons, hospital technicians, researchers and many more. Thanks to the organisation for a well organised and interesting event.