FibreTuff bone models

Vosfox Medical printed a hand model using FibreTuff material. The hand model consists of 27 bones that were assembled together. The bones of this anatomical hand model were successfully printed with the Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer. After finding the proper nozzle temperature for smaller bone models, homogeneously coloured bones were printed. Thanks to the cortical bonelike drilling properties of 3D printed FibreTuff I, the separate bones … Continue reading FibreTuff bone models

Innovation for Health

We will visit the Innovation for Health conference on 15 and 16 April. Unfortunately, it cannot be a face-2-face conference yet, but I am looking forward to meeting many of you there online. Our aim is to meeting new customers and partners, who are interested in Contract manufacturing services for low volume productions.

ISO13485 certification

“These are strange times” as many people say. Strange to some, and a disaster to others. The Corona pandemic kills people, shops, restaurants, and companies. So, we are not complaining, as we are still very much alive. We have merely a small set-back in our planning. The microbiological audit for the ISO13485 certification is delayed … Continue reading ISO13485 certification

ISO 13485 Certification Audit went well

After two times cancelled due to Corona, Vosfox Medical finally had the phase 2 #ISO13485 certification audit by BSI. Tough cookie that auditor, but we got through😊. Now we wait for the #microbiology audit, which was cancelled 3 times now🙄 and I wonder if the planned audit for January will take place….. So unfortunately certification will have to wait.

Conferences where we can meet

Sandra de Vos, CEO of Vosfox Medical will be present at the following conferences / expo’s. We can meet each other there Innovation for Health – 14 February 2018 – WTC Rotterdam, NL Lifeteczone – 21 February – TSG group Eindhoven, NL Health Valley International – 13 March 2019 – v.d. Valk, Nijmegen, NL Health … Continue reading Conferences where we can meet

Article publications

Today the 4th article about quality assurance topics has been published on LinkedIn and on the own website of Vosfox Medical. If you want to read them please visit the article page. Topics covered up to now: Risk Management Design and Development Process Validation Process Validation for medical 3D printing Leave your comment in order … Continue reading Article publications

Visit us at Dutch Life Sciences Conference

Vosfox Medial will be present at the Expo at Dutch Life Sciences Conference on 25 November 2018 at Leiden Bio Science Park. Please visit the start-up booth. Interesting lectures, Investor forums and parallel session. For Start up companies ticket is only 150 euros. So come and network with Dutch companies. See Dutch Life Sciences website … Continue reading Visit us at Dutch Life Sciences Conference

First article published LinkeIn

Vosfox Medical published the first article of many about QA for medical device, about 3D printing, process development and other subjects interesting to (potential) customers. The articles are published in LinkedIn. Please read the article with this LINK and leave a comment or like if you wish

Customer Review

Customer: Gatt Technology from Nijmegen, the Netherlands Author: Johan Bender GATT Technologies BV entered a research cooperation with Vosfox Medical regarding GATT’s implantable hemostat GATT-Patch in January 2018. This project needed quite some flexibility and commitment from Vosfox as timelines were crucial and output needed to be at the highest quality level. All parameters were … Continue reading Customer Review

Powder arrays 3D printed

In order to support a customer’s production development, arrays of different sizes and volumes were 3D printed with SLA. These arrays are plates with defined hollow areas to volumetric dose powders. With these arrays the customer was able to improve the production of samples. 

Medical 3D Printing Expo

Vosfox Medical is happy to announce that it is a sponsor of the Medical 3D printing Expo in Maastricht on 30th and 31st of January 2018. Different topics covered are 3D Bio Printing 3D Dental Printing, scanning, software, workflow and planning tools 3D Medical (Bio) Materials 3D Dental Scanning and Software 3D Medicines and Pharmaceutics … Continue reading Medical 3D Printing Expo

Cleanroom installed

We are happy to announce that the cleanroom ISO Class 7 is installed and validated. We are now able to 3d print in a clean, controlled environment for our customers. Further we can now accept Contract Manufacturing projects Do you want to see the room for yourself. Please come and visit. Call +31-6-50281838 or mail … Continue reading Cleanroom installed

Raising capital

Vosfox Medial has contacted many people out of Sandra de Vos’ network for raising capital for the start up. 25.000 has been pledged up to now. A post at LinkedIn was placed stating that I am starting up a company (CMO in 3d printing and that everybody interested in this topic and investing could contact Sandra … Continue reading Raising capital

Interesting 3d medical conference

Vosfox Medical had a stand at the Expo of 3d Medical printing. The conference was visited by many interesting people with different backgrounds, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, surgeons, hospital technicians, researchers and many more. Thanks to the organisation for a well organised and interesting event.

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