After successfully 3D printing an anatomical bone model of the hand With FibreTuff filament, we also 3D printed an anatomical bone model of the foot.
We first dry the filament overnight at 50°Celcius. From the dryer, we guide the filament into our Ultimaker 2+. An older printer, but still going strong and doing what we want it to do. We are very happy with this printer.
Choosing the orientation in a way that the support scars on the print are not obvious. All the bones are ‘bonded’ together by drilling small holes and glueing a metal wire in one bone. The other side of the metal wire is connected with another foot bone. In this way, the flexibility of joints in the foot is mimicked, resulting in this beautiful model.

AND…. we received our first order to make a dog bone model using FibreTuff. So exciting! 🙂


FibreTuff foot bone model

FibreTuff is a composite material that has bone-like properties. Drilling the material and setting screws with excellent screw retention is possible. The material has a tensile strength similar to nylon (PA 11 or 12). This makes the material ideal for model printing. The material is biocompatible. It has passed the USP Class VI testing.

FibreTuff models can be autoclaved, so the models can be used in the OR. The biocompatibility of the material and the possibility of sterilization make the material useful for surgical guide printing. With a non-toxic barium coating, the bone can be made bone-like radiopacity, making the material suitable as phantom material More Information.


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