Packaging and Labelling

Packaging and labelling are an integral part of the production process. This is especially important for products that require to be sceptic or sterile. Packaging will then take place in the cleanroom. But we also can take care of other packaging, such carton boxes, add IFU’s, labelling etc.


At Vosfox Medical, we can package medical devices or components in pouches. The sealing machine is located in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom to ensure the products are not contaminated.

Due to the double sealing bar, the machine can handle all pouches, from polymers (e.g. polyethene) to aluminium pouches.

The machine can just seal, vacuum seal or purge the pouch with a gas (for example, nitrogen gas). Gas purging is necessary if oxygen is detrimental to the product. Of course, we use medical-grade nitrogen gas and monitor the particles in the gas and the bacteria (viable and non-viable particles).

We package the products produced at Vosfox Medical, but if you need the packaging service, we are happy to help you.

Blister Forming and Sealing

This neat little machine can form blisters and seal the blisters once filled with the product. We can also do double blister packaging.

You must purchase the mould with your specific blister design as a customer. Depending on the number of moulds and cavities, the price can be as low as 3000 euros for a mould.

Different materials can be formed into blisters

  • PET-G
  • PET-A
  • PVC

And different materials can be used for sealing

  • Tyvek
  • Medical paper
  • aluminium


Pouches with paper or Tyvek on one side and a polymeric foil (e.g. PE ) on the other require a specific sealing machine that Vosfox Medical has. Printing information on the paper side (e.g. date or time) is possible.

Label Printing

Label Printing is an important part of the production process as it guarantees traceability. When the label is designed, the labels are purchased and can be printed (e.g., colour logo) by an external partner. However, at Vosfox Medical, we must add at least the lot number and the production or expiry date. For this, we have a validated printing process.