Vosfox Medical is in an industrial unit at the Uraniumweg 56M in Amersfoort. The facilities are located not far from the train station Amersfoort CS. Amersfoort is located in the centre of the Netherlands.

Besides the facilities described below, we have an office space and a pantry. You are welcome for a cup of coffee.

ISO Class 7 Cleanrooms

Vosfox has two ISO Class 7 Cleanrooms. One soft-wall cleanroom and one hard-wall. The soft-wall cleanroom allows machines to be half inside and half outside the cleanroom. This can be an advantage for larger machines or machines that produce a lot of particles, which you prefer to have outside the cleanroom.

Our cleanrooms are module-based, allowing for quick expansion or re-devising in sub-area. Within three months, we can add a new cleanroom area for your needs. Producing your products in ‘general’ cleanroom areas or having dedicated compartments is possible. This will decrease the chance of cross-contamination and might shield proprietary technology from other customers. Cleanrooms with Class 7 are suitable for producing Medical devices up to Class III and IVD consumables. We ensure that the cleanrooms are validated when we produce your medical device.

Clean uncontrolled Assembly Area

Outside the cleanroom, we have the assembly area. An area for assembling products that do not require assembly in a Cleanroom, which reduces the cost. The air in this area is constantly renewed by a cleanroom air-outlet. Air with a little amount of particles (viable and non-viable).

We also do development work in this area, such as test prints on our SLA or FDM printers.

Packaging area and warehouse

We store materials and products in the storage area and ensure the temperature does not surpass 25 C. But we can also store materials in controlled temperature cabinets (e.g. refrigerator, controlled room temperature or freezer)

In the packaging area, outside the cleanroom, we print the labels, package the products in boxes, and place boxes on pallets when needed. The boxes are labelled with the label that you approve with optional indicators.  It is also possible to add small bag or box with incoming inspection samples for your convenience.