At Vosfox Medical, we can assemble your medical devices. This could be as limited as putting a tube through a cap or glueing two parts together. However, also a more complex building of medical devices is possible. We are focused on small-volume production, so most of the assembly will be done manually. If we are capable of doing it, we will accept the job.

Assembling parts

At Vosfox Medical, we can assemble your parts in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom or a clean but uncontrolled environment. This depends on your requirements. Assembly outside the Cleanroom is less costly. Examples of possible services for medical devices are:

  • Assembly filter packages
  • Spot-welding
  • Bonding
  • Crimping
  • filling (manual)
  • Functional testing

Electrical Assembly

We can assemble your electrical devices following IEC 60601 (Medical Electrical Equipment) norm. We do not specialise in complex and large machine building, but assembling smaller electrical components such as heaters, sensors, fans, displays, and controllers is within our capabilities. If you can show us how to assemble it, we can do it for you under our quality system.

Glueing/coating SLA printed parts

We can assemble different SLA-printed parts using the resin as glue and curing it in the curing box. When necessary, we can cure under nitrogen to improve the curing process.

Besides assembling, we can also coat SLA-printed parts with the same resin, increasing the smoothness of the parts. For this process curing under nitrogen is a requirement.

The advantage of using SLA resin as a glue or coating material is that no new materials are introduced to the product. This reduces the number of extractable/leachable options, which is important for the biocompatibility study.

For more information on printing, see Medical 3D Printing