Vosfox Medical offers consulting-services to all customers (independent of other services)

We can supply the following consulting services:

  1. ISO 13485 certification support (from scratch to certification)
  2. Product Development Strategy on topics like
    • when to perform certain testing
    • when to produce GMP products
    • in-house or outsourcing production
    • timing and budget
  3. Risk Analysis for products and processes
  4. Audits
  5. Design History File
  6. Process validation
  7. Qualified Person
  8. In company training


Why Vosfox Consulting

The founder Sandra de Vos, your main contact person, has the following experiences

  1. starting up a medical device Class 3 company
  2. building quality assurance system from scratch to ISO13485 certification
  3. certified ISO13485 auditor
  4. setting up production in cleanroom
  5. process validation experience
  6. product and process risk analysis experience
  7. flexible, effective and efficient