Conferences where we can meet

Sandra de Vos, CEO of Vosfox Medical will be present at the following conferences / expo’s. We can meet each other there

  • Innovation for Health – 14 February 2018 – WTC Rotterdam, NL
  • Lifeteczone – 21 February – TSG group Eindhoven, NL
  • Health Valley International – 13 March 2019 – v.d. Valk, Nijmegen, NL
  • Health Valley Event – 14 March 2019 – Pathe Nijmegen, NL

Article publications

Today the 4th article about quality assurance topics has been published on LinkedIn and on the own website of Vosfox Medical. If you want to read them please visit the article page. Topics covered up to now:

  • Risk Management
  • Design and Development
  • Process Validation
  • Process Validation for medical 3D printing

Leave your comment in order to improve the content or let me know what topic to cover next. You can also contact me directly on, LinkedIn dm, or skype (ID=svndevos)

First article published LinkeIn

Vosfox Medical published the first article of many about QA for medical device, about 3D printing, process development and other subjects interesting to (potential) customers.

The articles are published in LinkedIn.

Please read the article with this LINK and leave a comment or like if you wish

Customer Review

Customer: Gatt Technology from Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Author: Johan Bender

GATT Technologies BV entered a research cooperation with Vosfox Medical regarding GATT’s implantable hemostat GATT-Patch in January 2018. This project needed quite some flexibility and commitment from Vosfox as timelines were crucial and output needed to be at the highest quality level. All parameters were met by Vosfox, and exceeding. GATT-Patch samples created were tested in an in-vivo study and performed very well regarding hemostasis and adhesion.

Powder arrays 3D printed

In order to support a customer’s production development, arrays of different sizes and volumes were 3D printed with SLA. These arrays are plates with defined hollow areas to volumetric dose powders. With these arrays the customer was able to improve the production of samples. 20180215_141646.jpg

Medical 3D Printing Expo

Vosfox Medical is happy to announce that it is a sponsor of the Medical 3D printing Expo in Maastricht on 30th and 31st of January 2018.

Different topics covered are

  • 3D Bio Printing
  • 3D Dental Printing, scanning, software, workflow and planning tools
  • 3D Medical (Bio) Materials
  • 3D Dental Scanning and Software
  • 3D Medicines and Pharmaceutics printing
  • 3D virtual augmentation in medicines
  • Legal, Regulatory and Ethics

Please visit us at our booth

Cleanroom installed

We are happy to announce that the cleanroom ISO Class 7 is installed and validated.

We are now able to 3d print in a clean, controlled environment for our customers. Further we can now accept Contract Manufacturing projects

Do you want to see the room for yourself. Please come and visit. Call +31-6-50281838 or mail to