Process validation for Medtech starters

Medical Device starters, do you have more questions than answers on Quality Assurance topics, read my blogs and see if this helps out a little. Reading might be boring (I already start yawning), but it is vital for your company’s success. Read on

Process validation for Medical 3d-printing is a challenge

Process validation is a challenge for all engineers and all processes, but for 3d printing engineers, the challenge is even bigger. Read on

Risk Management Process

With the newest versions of the ISO 13485, the quality management standard for the medical device industry, risk management is increasingly important. Breaking news? No, not really, but still many companies struggle with a good risk management process, and not only the starters. Read on

Design and Development

Are you a student or researcher making an invention into a medical device? Then read this article about the design and development process, and contact us for more guidance. We can support you with the Design and Development (D&D) process Read on