Vosfox Medical BV, founded in August 2017 by Sandra de Vos offers contract manufacturing services for medical devices or components. We are located in the city of Amersfoort, the Netherlands

There are a few important pillars for our business. We support companies in bringing their products fast to market. Flexibility is for Vosfox Medical extremely important and highly appreciated by our customers. Together with our customers, we prepare for clinical trial production and we assist also outside our core business when required. We can do or support process validation, sterilization and sterilization validation, packaging/label design, and packaging validation. You as a customer will decide the level of support you want. Most important is that you stay in control.

You can use our equipment or you can place your equipment in our facility. And don’t worry that this slows down your R&D efforts because it is always possible to access your equipment for running trials.

Our Mission Statement

Vosfox Meidcal provides every day the best and fastest contract manufacturing services and products to our customers,. Additionally, it important that these products, are beneficial to the customer or patient, and cost-efficient to society.
We support start-up companies to speed up their time to market, so health care innovations are faster available to patients.
Continuously improve our technologies, processes, employees, and services, and adhere to the highest quality standards.
Listen to and understand our key stakeholders: our customers, our patients, employees, clinicians, business partners, shareholders and the communities.

The Team

Sandra de Vos, founder and CEO of Vosfox Medical, studied polymer engineering at the University of Twente, the Netherlands, and has an MBA from Oxford University. She has besides 20+ years of experience in polymer, also 15 years of experience in Medical Devices. Sandra started up a medical device company named Medisse between 2006-2016, developing a Class III resorbable implant from PTMC polymer. She worked as a QA consultant while founding Vosfox Medical (see also LinkedIn profile).

Sacha van Rheenen is responsible for the 3D printing processes within Vosfox Medical. He has a bachelor’s in Medicine, a pre-master in Technical Medicine, and a master’s in Biomedical Engineering. Sacha works as an engineer at Vosfox Medical since April 2020 (see also LinkedIn profile).