Vosfox Medical BV was founded in August 2017 by Sandra de Vos. The company is located in the industrial area of the city Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Vosfox Medical offers consulting services and contract manufacturing services, with a focus on 3d printing

Vosfox Medical has a cleanroom ISO Class 7, FDM and SLA printers and a filament extruder line. It is working according to the ISO 13485 quality standard and cGMP. Due to the company’s young age, the company is not yet certified, but this will happen in 2019.

The company was founded by Sandra de Vos. She has studied polymer engineering at the University of Twente, the Netherlands and worked for almost 20 years in the polymer industry. After finishing her MBA at Oxford University, Sandra started up a medical device company named Medisse between 2006-2016. Later she worked in consulting (both in 3d printing and quality), while founding Vosfox Medical.