About Vosfox Medical

What do we do?

Vosfox Medical supports companies in bringing their medical devices to market quickly and efficiently. We accomplish this by offering small-scale production facilities to assist with/perform the production process development and validate processes. Simultaneously, we can carry out packing and label development and set up packaging and sterilisation validation. Apart from the complete production line aspects, from raw materials to fully packaged medical devices, we also provide QA/RA support.

You stay in control!

We can support you to an agreed level or fully take over these processes for you. You can use our equipment, or you can place your own equipment in our facility. Either way, you will stay in control of your product because you will always be able to access the equipment for R&D efforts and trials. In other words, communicate your preferences and find out that a lot is possible at Vosfox Medical.


The Vision of Vosfox Medical is to be the number one contract manufacturing for small-scale medical devices production. We will have a wide range of production processes and be the beacon of knowledge on these processes, which we will share with our community.


Bring quality to healthcare.

Vosfox Medicals mission is to provide the best and fastest contract manufacturing services and products to our customers every day. These products must be beneficial to the customer, medical professional, and patients, and we will do our utmost best to make them efficient for society and the environment. 


We will do this by supporting start-up companies to speed up their time to market so that health care innovations are faster available to patients. Also, continuously improving our technologies, processes, employees, and services while adhering to the highest quality standards will bring quality healthcare. Of course, we listen to, communicate with, and understand our key stakeholders: our customers, the healthcare professionals, the patients, employees, business partners, shareholders, and the communities.

Core Values

The three core values of Vosfox Medical are:

Providing the best quality of services and products. Incorporate the QA systems in the very core of us all.

If we can do it, we will do it. Our first reaction to a query will be ‘yes, we probably can’. Only then we will look at the ‘but how’.

Respect for people and our environment. Make our team as diverse as possible, protect the world for the next generations.


Vosfox Medical BV, founded in August 2017 by Sandra de Vos, offers contract manufacturing services for medical devices or components. With some start-up loans, the company started and built a production facility with several 3D printers, a sealing machine, cleanroom. The first customer of Vosfox Medical was initially a process development project that grew into class III medical devices (implants) production for clinical trials. We are still a small company, but with big plans.

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Meet the team!

Sandra de Vos

Sandra, founder and CEO of Vosfox Medical, studied polymer engineering at the University of Twente, the Netherlands, and has an MBA from Oxford University. Besides 20+ years of experience in polymer, she also has 15 years of experience in Medical Devices. Sandra started up a medical device company named Medisse between 2006-2016, developing a Class III resorbable implant from PTMC polymer. She worked as a QA consultant while founding Vosfox Medical (see also LinkedIn profile).

Sacha van Rheenen

Sacha has been passionate about creative modelling since he was a little boy. This passion for creation, together with a high interest in medicine, resulted in wanting to become a surgeon. During his bachelor’s in Medicine, he figured he missed the technical challenge and started a pre-master in Technical Medicine. My interest in bioengineering grew, resulting in a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering in February 2020. With this versatile education, Sacha developed a wide variety of skills that contribute to the production of medical devices. Within Vosfox Medical, Sacha works as an engineer and is closely involved in process development, production, and validation. He is responsible for the 3D printing processes. (see also LinkedIn profile).